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Project LOL (LoveOutLoud) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization driving creative programs and partnerships that generate an empowering, fun and stimulating context for young people to move beyond their circumstances and create powerful, fulfilling futures.

Mad Science at LOL!

We recently held a two-week workshop series dedicated to science!  Project LOL Volunteer Tracey and her friends (and coworkers) Arra, Karina, and Lissette spent time exploring the scientific method with the teens as well as giving them a little bit of insight into what a career in the sciences looks like.

We took a CLOSE look at the germs that live on our hands and talked about the microbes that live in our environment!  We also broke down the science of how butter is made and STILL had time to revisit our favorite exothermic reaction, Ice Cream in a Bag!  It’s not magic, it’s science!

Thank you to Arra, Lissette, Karina, Lilly, and Project LOL Volunteers Tracey, Eileen, and Kelli!

Project LOL makes ice cream in a bag!

Project LOL makes ice cream in a bag!


Try this at home!

Ice Cream in a Bag!


  • Quart-sized zip top plastic bag
  • Gallon-sized zip top plastic bag
  • Ice cubes
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 1 cup half & half
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla


Pour the half and half, sugar, and vanilla into the smaller bag and seal the bag tightly.  Place the smaller bag inside the larger bag and add ice cubes.  Add about 1/2 cup of salt and seal the larger bag, removing as much air as possible.  Shake the bag vigorously (you may need to cover the bag with a towel as this mixture WILL get cold!).  In 8-15 minutes, ice cream!  Enjoy!

Super Bowl Sunday Italian Style!

Project LOL Volunteer Paola introduced the Project LOL gang to her famous pizza last weekend!  She showed everyone how to recreate her dough step-by-step, and even provided a recipe!  Toppings included green and red bell peppers, sundried tomatoes, Lil’ Smokies, black olives, and of course pepperoni!  Thanks to everyone who participated:  Project LOL’ers Eileen, Kelli, Tracey, and Special Sous Chefs Lilly and Erin!  Mangia!

Project LOL serves up Super Bowl Sunday pizza!

Project LOL serves up Super Bowl Sunday pizza!

Holiday Cooking Made Easy!

Chef Marisela Cervantes and Volunteer Kim Scullion join Project LOL once again! This time the goal was to teach the teens how to make a basic and delicious holiday meal. Roast turkey breast, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, cranberry sauce and dinner rolls were on the menu! A hearty meal, enough to feed eight and easy on the budget with a total cost of $40. Chef Sela gave the teens her tips and tricks for a moist turkey, crispy green beans, thick and creamy mashed potatoes and the perfect gravy. After cooking, everyone sat down to enjoy their meal and give thanks to our special guest chef. The teens shared the new cooking skills they learned and some said they were inspired to try the recipes on their own.

Workshop Lead: Kim Scullion

Co-lead: Chef Marisela Cervantes

LOL Volunteers: Eileen and Kelli

Staff: Caitlin

Project LOL serves up holiday classics!

Project LOL serves up holiday classics!

Zombie-riffic success!

We are thrilled to announce that our Kickstarter campaign was a HUGE success!  Thanks to amazing folks like Pierre L. and Hugh O. we actually EXCEEDED our funding goal and we were able to put on an epic, drive-in style movie premiere night complete with burritos, popcorn and custom-made zombie awards for all participants! A gigantic Thank you to ALL who supported this project!  Special shout outs for our co-directors, Jon Medel (http://www.jonmedel.com) and David Bazabal (https://www.facebook.com/DavidBazabalStudios)

Zombie madness at Project LOL

Zombie madness at Project LOL

Zombie invasion!

We are currently wrapping up production on our second annual Halloween Horror Film short movie!  Thanks to the boundless energy of our cast, some super-talented folks from the community, and our dedicated volunteers we’ve whipped up a bone-chilling masterpiece!  A HUGE thank you to everyone who’s been involved in this project.  We couldn’t be more excited (and slightly terrified) to see the whole film in entirety at our upcoming Premiere Night!  This past Sunday we had Face Off’s Eric Fox turning us into the living dead!

zombie makeup

Face Off’s Eric Fox creates some real movie magic with our zombies!

With shooting now complete and the editing process fully underway, we’re turning our full focus toward Premiere Night!  The plan is to create the full “red carpet” experience for the teens, complete with an awards ceremony!  To contribute to our Premiere Night fund and to get a sneak peek at some exclusive “behind the scenes” footage, please visit our Kickstarter campaign.

Project LOL Kickstarter Campaign

Stay tuned for more zombie action!

Buon appetito! Italian Cooking at Project LOL!

Mama Mia! Who knew that it would be so easy to make your own mint chip ice
cream in just minutes with some ice, half and half, mint flavoring,
chocoloate bits, 2 ziplock bags, oven mitts and a whole lotta’ shakin’ arm
power?! Project LOL President and workshop lead Jo, LOL Secretary Eileen, and volunteer Ligia brought some ‘big-Italian’ energy to Toussaint Academy!  Grazie!
The ice cream was the perfect creamy end to a robust meal of mouthwatering
garlic bread and robust, fresh basil and juicy tomato sauce over a delicious
light pasta. Mangia!



Next Best Thing to a Group Trip to Africa! (Well almost …)

LOLers cooking up a storm at the African Cooking Workshop

“LOLers” cooking up a storm at the African Cooking Workshop

President, Jo and Volunteer, Kim, co-led an African Cooking Workshop with the teens this Sunday. The seven teens split up into three teams and, with the help of LOL Volunteers Eileen, Kelli, Ligia and Linda, tackled three South African recipes: Piri Piri Chicken, Beetroot and Orange Salad and Tapioca Cheese Bread. As the whole crew sat to together to enjoy the fruits of their labors, Kim lead a conversation on 10 Fun Facts About Africa. Did you know Africa is the second largest continent on Earth? It’s true! We explored the map of Africa, looked at bills and coins from South Africa and Botswana and discussed what it would take to save up and go on a tour of Southern Africa. One of the teens was so inspired, he suggested a fundraiser be created to raise money for a group trip to Africa!

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